All about Him

All, about Him. In my current book, the Him I refer to is the ex, whether it be the ex-husband, boyfriend,  or lover. I chose to keep His character nameless. I did this so as the character reads, she can easily insert the name, picture, or image of someone who might have done the same things to her or made her feel the same way about herself.

We all have self-esteem issues, but having a partner in your life who uses those issues to make you feel even worse or less is a problem for many women. Most of the time those issues become detrimental to the woman’s health either emotionally, physically or both.

I’ve addressed a few of those items in this book. After going through any kind of abuse, it’s important first of all to realize that there is a problem. Next, you must have some sort of support, either a friend, a family member or a doctor who you can trust enough to ask for help.

I’ve had three significant others, and I’m not going to say who they were. All three of them wanted to have some kind of control over me. Whether it was control of who I interacted with, where I spent our money, (even if I was the one earning it), or what I looked like and how I dressed. I’m almost fifty-nine years old, and it has taken me this long to realize how all of the men in my life have changed my perspective of who I am now.

The character in my latest book is discovering these things about herself, and while trying to fix her problems, the methods she uses only brings more issues to the surface. Her health is at risk, and she is having a hard time getting past the image she has had of herself that was a direct result of the men she allowed to run her life.

This female is also an empath who is very nurturing, and she takes on the problems of anyone who she gets close to. She feels their pain and sadness, yet spends so much of her own energy trying to help them, that she loses more of herself in the process.

This woman came from a large family, and she always had many responsibilities. The only thing that kept her going when she was married was having her family close by. That was taken from her when her second husband insisted they move away and start their new life alone. Now she is all alone. Her family all lives out of state, and she isn’t aware of how much the distance is also affecting her state of mind.

It will take an act of God or complete devastation before she realizes she needs help. Ladies, don’t let the Him in your life take away who you are. Find the help you need to understand that you are beautiful just the way you are. Whether you are overweight, too thin, to kind and overly generous with your time of money. Don’t let Him make you feel like you aren’t deserving of love. You are beautiful, inside and out and don’t ever forget it.   Coming soon Preorder here


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