Unforgettable Lexi Bella



book lexi coverUnforgettable Lexi Bella

Lexi is being haunted by her grandmother…

“Oh Grandma, I can’t believe this is happening to me.” The floodgates opened completely, and I felt a comforting presence surround me.

     ‘It will be all flood gates

right, Lexi. Don’t give up, Lovey. I think Mr. Dimples is the answer to both our prayers.’

She’s all alone in the world except for her cat, Daisy.


     Unexpectedly, she finds support from the man whom she was trying to get a job with…

“Can we talk about your offer?  Were you serious about the secretary job?” He hadn’t mentioned it again, and I desperately needed the work.


“I am, but first I want you to meet with your new doctor to make sure that you can do it. Did you say you have an appointment to meet with him this Monday?  Lexi, you’ve been diagnosed with cancer. That gives us few more days to work on our bucket list.”
    They take the journey of a lifetime together; will it be too late to make their dreams come true… 



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