Street Surrender

Street Surrneder Cover 1

Sheryl Williams is looking for acceptance and love

Sheryl is a beautiful woman who has been running from something that happened to shatter her in the past. Everything and everyone that she had believed in her entire life had been failed her after that one terrible night. Would she forever be damaged by what had happened to her?

Marcus had spent many days at the Williams family home. He had observed Sheryl right out of high school, she was always having fun and fooling around at the pool with her fiancé, Dalton Freeman. She was her parents’ darling little girl. Then suddenly she left for New York after a fight with her father.

Sheryl returns for a brief visit after her brother was found living under the streets of Seattle to welcome him home. After only a few days reprieve she vanishes once again…

     I took a deep, shaky breath in, then let it out slowly. I wished that I could trust Marcus enough to tell him what was going on, but the only one that I trusted right now was Jonathon, and he was in the middle of his own crisis. Mine would have to wait. I hurried into the bathroom and ran a brush through my hair then twirled it up into a knot on the top of my head and secured that with a large clip.

     I studied myself in the mirror before I went down the stairs to face my family. Marcus was right. I had lost a lot of weight. I knew the pills had been one of the reasons; it was the other things that were happening in my life that had caused most of the weight loss. Those were the things that I couldn’t share with anyone, not even Jonathon.

     I checked my phone again. I hadn’t heard anything from Sammy which was either good news or could be terribly bad news. I hoped she had finally let me go, but I wouldn’t know for sure until I returned to New York.  


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